Faye's Family Trailer Rentals ...is located at Marco Polo Land Campground in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island!  (902)629-0690 or (902-672-2080) or email: fayeford@auracom.com  You can reach me at

902-629-0690 to book for 2020. 

You can book for 3 - 7 days in June (off season rates) Also openings for July 1- 6.  You can book for July 13th - 18th for 5 nights.  After that it is a week booking until the last week of August you can book for 3 or 4 nights, if you wish.

Great prices with Faye's Trailer Rentals! Very clean units located at Marco!  Sites 8 & 9, 67 & 69.

LOOK!  The "NEW SPLASH PAD" IS NOW "OPEN"  AT MARCO!!!!!!!! The children had a ball last August. It finally opened!  Great News!  The Water Park is now open for 2020!!!!...COME AND STAY AT MARCO!

Faye's units are still available at Marco for 2020!.....

4 Sites are available at Marco for 2020.......

Site 8 & 9, and 67 & 69. 

We have "Great prices" to stay at Marco!  We can deliver one unit to KOA or Sunset, if you wish,  Call Faye 902-629-0690.  There is a pool at KOA and Sunset.....Sorry they took out the 2 large pools at Marco....but now have the large "splash pad"  Book now for 2020!  It is awesome!  Book soon!  Take your pick! 


Please book now for "2020" Cavendish Concert!  One opening is available for the full week!

Call Faye at 902-629-0690....to book your Concert week.

Faye maintains a very nice fleet of 5 quality travel trailers for 2020 year.... (very clean units) with air-conditioning and awnings that you are allowed to put out for shade or if it rains.

Deluxe units have satallite TV in living room and also TV in bedroom with DVD.  Awesome way to camp!

Large deck with patio furniture and inside fireplace!

 We just tell folks......the beach is only a few minutes away and Shinning Waters and Sandspit is only minutes away.....Come and enjoy!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS ON PEI!

 OFF SEASON RATES Faye's Trailers have (1 - 3 slide outs), all our units have air-conditioning and awnings on each unit that you are allowed to put out for shade, trailers ranging from 32 - 39 ft. in length.  All of our sites have patios with patio furniture!  Our trailers range from $800.00 - $850.00 a week for 2020 depending on the size & what we have to offer in each unit.  Faye's trailers are very clean.  Book now for 2020.... 


You can reach Faye by email (fayeford@auracom.com) and she will gladly reply as soon as possible. 

Or maybe call Faye at 902-629-0690 or 902-629-0690 & leave a message.  She may still have an opening for your vacation week!

We have one unit that we can move to KOA in Cavendish or Sunset in Cavendish for one full week's rental.....great if you have friends camping there and want to join them.  Faye provides a lot of extras in her units!  Lots of supplies in Faye's units and are very clean units!   Call 902-629-0690 now!

LOOK!  A new water fun park at Marco....!  We have 2 units that rent from Saturday - Saturday. # 8 Sunset on site 67 and also # 4 Palomino on site 69.   An excellent rate for a family of 6. Two adults and 4 small children! 

We still have a few Openings in June, July & August.  Please call as soon as you know when you holidays will be for 2020.  BOOK SOON!

Please go to my web page: fayestrailerrentals.com  and double click on "trailer pictures" .....find the words at top of my web page and then go down to see pictures of our beautiful units!

We have an excellent price for a family to stay at Marco!

Here is a list of our beautiful units that we may have available....call and check us out....Book as soon as you know your weeks holidays or you will miss out for 2020!

# 2 (35 ft.) (2015) Deluxe Prowler on site 8.  This is a beautiful deluxe unit with queen bed and bunks.  Has large deck with patio furniture!  Satalite TV in living room & TV with DVD in kids room.  Has air-conditioning & awning for shade...and just a minute to the "New Water Park" in Marco!  Whow!  Lots of fun at Marco this year!  Do come and join us!


# 7 ( 33 ft.) (2014) Deluxe Prowler on site 9.  This beautiful deluxe unit has satallite TV in living room and TV in bedroom with DVD.  Has a large deck with patio furniture!  This unit has a queen bed and 4 bunks & pull out sofa.  Please note....we have an awning on the trailer that you are allowed to use and put out for shade or a rainy day and a large deck with patio furniture.  Awesome way to go camping!

We get lots of great comments on either of these units!


Sorry....This unit is for sale!  # 5 Wildwood..If you are interested in buying a unit....Come see us!  Has a queen bed in the master & 4 single bunks in the second bedroom.  Has air-conditioning and awning for shade.


# 8 Sunset on site 67.  Has a KING bed in the master & in second bedroom has a pull out sofa & 2 single bunks.  Has a nice "Outside" kitchen.....excellent for BBQ...ing.  Inside kitchen as well.  Air-conditioning & electric awning that you are most welcome to use for shade or if it rains.  Excellent price! Pet friendly unit this year!  Large playground to the back of this area.  Great for little ones!


# 4 Palomino on site 69.  Has a queen bed in the master and 3 bunks.  Pull out sofa in living room too.  This unit has an Outside kitchen too......Awesome for BBQ....ing.  Air-conditioning & electric awning that you can put out for shade.  Large playground to the back of this area.  Great for little ones!  Mom & Dad can sit at their picnic table & watch their children playing in the playground.  Great way for Mom & Dad to relax.


Call Faye at 902-629-0690 or 902-672-2080 & leave a message and she will call you back or email:  fayeford@auracom.com.


LOOK!  Faye has Air-conditioning in every unit and an awning that you can use for shade on each unit!


Faye has 2 units that has an inside fireplace.....very relaxing on a cool evening! Great to use in the evening or on a rainy day!  We also have a hot air furnace in each unit..... if you need to be a little warmer on a cool day.


We had "FIREWORKS" at Marco on August 18th last summer and then on Labor Day week end at Marco too! Thanks to - Hennie & Harm for a beautiful evening with loads of fireworks and a great band with their awesome music!   What a lovely time at Marco! and Halloween week was an awesome time for the kiddies!

First time campers!  LOOK!  Try camping at Marco first......When you stay at Marco.....you will really want to come back in a few years with a new camper of your own after renting with Faye.  Loads of fun at Marco!  Many fun memories for the children and adults!  Do Come join us this summer!  Come check out the "New Water Park at Marco!

If you are thinking of buying a unit....Faye has 2 units for sale this coming spring.....You can see them at 382 Kilkenny Rd., Harrington, PE.  Please call first!  902-629-0690.

I had a family that booked with me a couple of years ago, stayed with us for a week and had a brand new trailer bought before the week was out.....& then stayed for a month at Marco....and keeps coming back each year. They loved it so much!  We have other families that have purchased their own trailer after staying with us......We have many tooting their horn as they go past our site with their new camper.  I am so happy for them!

They had "Lots of fond memories" staying with Faye and now staying in their own unit at Marco!

Please call Faye at 902-629-0690 to book with us!

Our "Deluxe" trailers have a larger deck with patio furniture, inside fireplace, & satellite TV & second TV in Children's room with DVD.  Other units have a TV but no satallite.  Sorry, but a little cheaper price for you.


ONLY "ONE FAMILY" PER SITE.  With the exception of grandparents joining you too.  Please book soon for this summer! Being 4 adults & 2 children.


check it out.........CALL fAYE AT 902-629-0690.

On the top of the front page, click on "trailer pictures" to view the "exterior" and "interior" pictures of each unit.

 Also at the top of the page, click on "fees & information"  to get more information on each unit. 

You can reach Faye by phone 902-672-2080 or 902-629-0690........or you can send Faye an email at "fayeford@auracom.com" and Faye will return your call very shortly.

We have "Great Fun"at Marco!  So many great memories over the years.  Come stay with us and try your first camping experience. Hope you will join us.  We love it here!

Folks usually camp with us for a couple of summers to see if they like it and then you see them driving by....waving at us with their brand new unit!!!! They were so proud owing their own unit last summer!

Excellent "off - season" rates........for the last weeks of August & September!


COME JOIN US at Marco.......in one of our beautiful air-conditioning units! 

Book early!  We have 1 unit that is now "pet" friendly.....# 8 Sunset on site 67.

When you want to book with us please call 902-629-0690 and give Faye your information and then send her a $400.00 deposit to confirm your rental & she will hold your spot.  No need to call Marco.  Faye will book everything for you.

She will ask you to send along a $400.00 deposit by cheque or money order to confirm your reservation right away.  What ever way is best for you.  Sorry cannot accept a check on the day of arrival for the balance.

Mailing address is: Fayes Trailer Rentals, 382 Kilkenny Rd. Charlottetown, PE....C1E 2S8.  Thanks!


If you would like a short vacation in June or last of August or September....and not stay for the full week.  Call Faye!  902-629-0690.  Great off season rates!


Please book soon if you want to stay with us!  A lot of folks rent from us one summer to try out the camping experience and then buy their new unit the next summer. 

GREAT PRICES AT "Toy Master" in Winsloe, just off Route 2.  He has beautiful New "2020" units on display for sale.  Talk to Roger at Toy Master!  Phone 902-894-5287. He is a great fellow to deal with.  Pop in and take a look at their beautiful units!  He will give you an awesome price for a brand new unit!....and maybe trade in your old unit for a new one!  If need be.


Marco is a beautiful clean green campground!  We all try our best to keep it as clean as possible....Come and check us out.  Marco has a lot to offer children of all ages as well as the adults!  You will have many "Awesome memories." Your children will want to come back again and again!!!!  No kidding!

Kids love staying at Marco!!  They will have awesome childhood memories to tell their children later on.

Theme weeks listed below.....please keep going down to bottom of page.......

There is so much for children & adults to do at Marco!  and only minutes away from all the attractions in Cavendish.  Do join us this summer! 

Send a quick "Email" to  - fayeford@auracom.com ..... to see what Faye still has available for your holidays!


We have great accomodations & "Excellent Rates" for a family of four or six!

We have two units that rent form Saturday - Saturday....# 8 Sunset on Site 67 & # 4 Palomino on site 69....side by side.  We also have 2 units that rent from Sunday - Sunday listed below: 

Our Deluxe # 2 (2015) Prowler is 35 ft. in length with 2 slide outs!  Located on site 8, just a minute to the pools!  Has an "inside fireplace!"  Has queen bed in the master and 4 bunks in the kids room and pull out sofa.  This unit sleeps 6 only....2 adults and 4 small children.  Has air-conditioning, large deck with patio furniture, large flat screen TV with "satellite" reception in living room & TV in bedroom with DVD.  Also has an awning that you are allowed to put out for shade or if it rains.

This unit rents from Sunday - Sunday.


Our Deluxe # 7 (2014) Prowler is 33 ft in length with 2 slide outs.  Located on site 9.  Just a minute to the pool.  Has queen bed and 4 single bunks!  Sleeps 6.....2 adults and 4 small children or 2 teens.  Has air-conditioning, large deck with patio furniture, large flat screen TV with "satellite" reception in the living room & TV in bedroom with DVD. Has an awing that you are allowed to put out for shade.  Call Faye to check to see which week is still open for you. 




Anyone interesed in buying a unit.  This unit listed below is for sale......# 5 (36 ft.)(2013) Wildwood that was on site 165 last summer has 2 slide outs, QUEEN bed and 4 bunks.  In excellent condition.  Give Faye a call this spring if you would like to view it in April.


Our Sites: # 8 Sunset on site 67 & #4 Palomino on site 69.....lovely area for tiny ones!...and a little closer to the bouncy pillow!  If you want something a little cheaper.....we have 2 units down in this area that rents for $800.00 for a party of 4 plus site plus tax....or $825.00 for a party of 6.

Please note:  (pet friendly unit is on site 67).

Please note:  2 units on 67 & 69 have an inside kitchen and an outside kitchen.....and an electric awning for shade.....very nice units to BBQ supper with outside kitchen!  Way to go!

Double click on "trailer pictures" on top of web page to see inside & outside pictures of each unit.  Lovely quiet area for little ones!  With large playground close by.


# 8 Sunset on site 67......Queen bed and bunks...inside & outside kitchen!

# 4 Palomino on site 69......Queen bed and bunks....inside & outside kitchen!


PLEASE NOTE:  # 8 Sunset is a pet friendly Unit for 2020 year....Please book early if you want to bring your little pooch with you for the summer of "2020".


You can reach Faye anytime by email: fayeford@auracom.com  

There is so much to do at Marco! And we are just minutes to Cavendish beach and all of the attractions! 



Would you like to organize a family & friends "get together" for this summer?  Faye will try her best to arrange sites together, side by side for you or just across the street from you.  Bring your family and friends together at Marco.......and have lots of fun with great memories!  Great fun at Marco!  Please note: two families do not stay in one unit unless they are grandparents to join the one family.  Two different families...please book early to get two different trailers side by side.  Great fun at Marco!  Go home with many fun memories...and children will want to come back again snd again!


FAYE'S TRAILERS ARE LISTED BELOW for "2020" year rentals........Check it out!

Site 67 - # 8 Sunset on 67.......... Queen bed in the master and 2 bunks & pull out sofa in second bedroom.....Outside kitchen!!!......$825.00 a week.  This is a (pet friendly) unit  $825.00 for 4 - 6 persons.


Site 69 - # 4 Palomino on 69 .... Queen bed & 3 bunks....... Outside kitchen!!!......$800.00 a week.


Site 8 - # 2 (2015) Deluxe Prowler (35 ft.) with 2 slide outs.  (Queen & 4 bunks) $850.00 a week plus site plus tax. This is a beautiful unit with inside fireplace, large deck with patio furniture & satallite TV in living room and TV in bedroom with DVD.  Air-conditioning and awning for shade.


Site 9 - # 7 (2014) Deluxe Prowler (33 ft.) with 2 slide outs.  (Queen & 4 bunks) $850.00 a week plus site plus tax.

This is a beautiful unit with inside firepalce for a chilly night, large deck with patio furniture & satallite TV in living room and TV in bedroom with DVD.  Air-conditioning and awning for shade.

Faye supplies lots of dishes in each unit with many extras!

Faye's trailers are located at a very beautiful clean green campground: Marco Polo Land Campground is located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island!  ALL of Faye's units: have 2 bedrooms;  fridge, stove, microwave, hot air furnace for heat, toilet, sink, shower/tub, stereo system, TV in living room, and second TV with DVD in children's room. Faye's Deluxe units have satellite TV reception in the living room & TV with DVD in kids room & an inside fireplace & a large deck with patio furniture!  What a way to go camping!



We supply lots of dishes, pots n pans, toaster, kettle, coffee perk, cooking utensils, silverware, 6 pillows, 6 lawn chairs, 2 TVs and a large gas BBQ.

We also supply dish detergent, dishcloths, t-towels, toilet tissue, hand soap, & Mr. Clean.

All of our sites have patios!  Please note:  Fire pit and picnic table on every site....supplied by the campground.  Fire wood is available at campground for a price.

(you can purchase firewood for your campfire at the security booth at Marco)


LOOK!  Great FUN for children of all ages!  The large bouncing pillow is so.... much fun at Marco!  The kids love it!  Outdoor Hockey Rink, Petting Farm, "Exercise Equipment in the front field", Laundromat open 24 hours,  Water park new this year, Take-out Canteen, Grocery Store with many camping supplies, Rec. Hall, Games Room,  24 hour supervision, a weekly campfire with sing songs, a fire pit and picnic table on each site.  This is an awesome campground for adults and children of all ages. 

LOOK!!!! at all the fun we have at Marco!!!!!

Music at the Galley on Thursday & Saturday nights for adults!  Awesome Music on the week ends inside or outside at Marco, depending on the weather!  Hennie has worked hard to book folk singers to come play for us this summer.  Many Thanks to Hennie & Harm!  What a place to spend your vacation!

Look!  What Marco has to offer you!......... A "Doggie Park" for your little pooch to run about....and a "RC track" for miniature race cars.  Don't forget to bring your miniature race cars with you.  Marco also has an outdoor hockey rink!  Bring your hockey sticks with you.  If you forget you can rent these also at the office.

If your children would like to  practice his or her hockey skills during the summer.....bring their hockey sticks &maybe their roller blades......It is an awesome out-door hockey rink!  Children have "Lots of  fun" at Marco! 

Come see their "Petting Farm" with small animals...Minature Ponies, Goats, Rabbits, kittens, pigs, & chickens!   LOOK....What Melanie has added to her petting farm. Come see! A Donkey!

Look at this!!!! Crafts at the Rec. Hall .....every morning from

9 am - 1 pm....except Sundays.  Hayrides every night at 6 pm.  Meet up at the Rec. Hall.  The Large Bouncing Pillow is awesome!  Kids love the bouncing pillow!  Also "movies" at the Rec. Hall.  Fun! Fun!  Fun!  Always fun at Marco! Come & check us out!....Chocolate Bar Bingo!  Great fun!  Bring your bikes.....children love driving around the campground!  You can rent Golf Carts this year at Marco!

Call Faye at 902-629-0690 or 902-672-2080.....and leave your name & no.  Faye will call you right back or you can email Faye at........ fayeford@auracom.com 

We take pride in keeping our units very clean for you!  Do join us and have lots of fun at Marco!

We have received lots of great comments on our beautiful a/c units!  It was so nice to see families having a great holiday at Marco.  I dearly love to see all the children having so much fun!


We have met a lot of nice folks over the years.  And to a "new family" ..... Do give us a call......Do try your first camping experience with us.....Your children will go home with many fond memories and will definitely want to come back another year & another year!


A big "Thank You" to all of Marco's employees for making this a beautiful clean campground for many families to enjoy.  Wayne & I wish you all the best in 2020!  Hope you all have a great summer!  All the best!

Folks really love our DELUXE trailers that have the large flat screen TV with "satellite" TV reception, inside fireplace, large decks with patio furniture, air-conditioning & an awning that you can put out for shade.. Awesome way to go camping!

Take a peek at our trailer pictures and decide on one of our beautiful units....At the top of this page.....click on the words.... "trailer pictures"  PLEASE BOOK SOON.  You will have more to choose from, IF YOU BOOK EARLY!

Email Faye at  fayeford@auracom.com   ***  Happy Camping!

Our rentals begin on June 1st to September. Off season rates in June - July 1st....and also the later part of August & Sept.  We get a lot of repeat customers each year.....Please call as soon as you get your vacation time confirmed ...... and book with us!  You will have "Lots of fun" at Marco & go home with awesome memories!

Just send your questions to us at .....fayeford@auracom.com ..... I will gladly reply....

GREAT Off SEASON RATES . Weekly rentals in June and after August 21st!

FAYE'S TRAILERS are rented mostly on a weekly basis.

(3-7) DAY RENTALS are allowed in June until July 6th....and again openings for July13 - 18th. 

Opening for the first 5 days in July....July 1 - 6th....Sorry July 6 - 13th is only open for the full week of the concert.

WE still have ONE opening!   We have openings for just 5 or 6 days in July 13 -19th .....later in July is a full week and any week of August. We have openings for 3 or more nights during the lst week of August.....if you don't want the full last week of August.  We still have a few openings for a full week in August.

Our trailers are located on seasonal sites at this beautiful campground "Marco Polo Land" in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island ....close to the "Eagles Glenn" Golf Course and the "Green Gables" Golf Course and just minutes to our beautiful Cavendish Beach, Boardwalk, Restaurants, Deep Sea Fishing & many attractions!   

Click on "trailer pictures" at the top of Faye's web page.....to see many pictures of our units...... Do choose one of our beautiful units! ..... One of Faye's trailers can be yours for a week's vacation on "beautiful" Prince Edward Island.  Located just minutes to Cavendish beach with many attractions close by.


Tickets for the "2020" "Cavendish Beach" Music Festival....July 10, 11 & 12 for 2020....below:

Contact : www.cavendishbeachmusic.com

Purchase tickets at (ticketpro.ca)

Buses will come by Marco Polo on a regular basis and pick you up and take you to and from the Concert.  No need to bring your car to the concert.....This is an excellent bus service!  Taxi service is also provided for concert dates. I also believe the "Trolley" will provide that service as well.  Please check that out with Marco. 

Faye highly recommends Marco Polo for family camping!  It is an awesome campground!


Faye has units that rent from Saturday - Saturday or Sunday - Sunday.  Take your pick!


A "Special" Thank "YOU" to the folks that left our trailers very neat and respectable this past summer.  It made it so more enjoyable to clean our units, although we still have to go over each unit.  May you all have a happy & healthy winter and hope to see you again in 2020.

Thank You Kindly & Happy Holidays!

Thanks again,

Wayne & Faye. 


If you would like your friends to camp close to your site, please call Faye and she will try her best to make this possible.  Do join us at Marco....It is a beautiful campground!  Please book early!

Check out "theme" weeks listed below:  Santa!....Halloween!.....Farm week!.....Awesome!

Theme Weeks at MARCO POLO LAND ..... for (2016)

  • June 26 * Canada Week
  • July 3 * Cavendish Week
  • July 8, 9 , 10 * "2016" Cavendish Country Concert" at Avonlea Village area
  • July 10 - 16th  * Christmas Week (Visit Santa on Saturday evening at the Galley &  also on the Hay Ride!)
  • July 17 - July 23rd * Easter Week (Easter Bunny on Saturday)
  • July 24 - 30 * Pirate Week
  • July 29   * Caravan coming in.
  • July 31 - Aug.  * Farm Week (Dog Show) on Saturday & Sunday!
  • Aug. 1 - 5     * Red Cross Summer Camp (Swimming Lessons)  902 - 628 - 6262
  • August 7 - 13 * Halloween (Dress up contest at Rec. Hall, Trick and "Treats" on Saturday evening) August 13th!
  • August 14 - 20 * Disney Week
  • August 21 - 27 * Family Week
  • Sept. 3 * Car Rally & Corn Boil & FIRE WORKS AT MARCO!
  • September 14 & 15th  - Women's Week end at Marco!

If interested please call to check us out.  You may only want to camp for 3 nights.....Faye rents for a minimum of 

3 nights during the month of June and first part of July.....and the later part of August & September. 

OUR UNITS RENT FROM $800.00 - $825.00 or $850.00 a week for 2020 season.........during high season.  Don't wait any longer....book now to confirm your holidays for this summer!  FAYE STILL HAS OPENINGS!

WE HAVE EXCELLENT OFF - SEASON RATES in June and after week starting on August 23rd!

Just click on "trailer pictures" at the top of this web page..... you can see many pictures of our units. 

LOOK AT THIS!..... FOLKS!  This is true!  I had a family last summer that asked their CHILDREN if they had to choose again where would they rather go.....rather go to Florida" or to "Marco" in PEI....and they said "Marco" so that explains it all!  Kids love camping at Marco!  Give Faye a call and try your first camping experience.  Your family will go home with lots of FUN memories!

GREAT FUN AT MARCO:  Movies on Sunday at the Rec. hall; scavenger hunts certain nights, baseball & soccer games during the day, and a Petting Zoo and  "OUTDOOR HOCKEY RINK"!  Two Bouncy Pillows.....One extra large bouncy pillow!!!    Great fun for the children & the adults too!  SO MUCH MORE FUN THIS YEAR AT MARCO!  Please note: New Water Fun Park at Marco this summer!

Marco celebrates theme weeks such as: Farm Week, Christmas week with Santa, Easter week with the Easter Bunny, Oh! I almost forget.... "Halloween night" where the kids get all dressed up and go around the campground collecting treats.  This is so much fun for all the kiddies! 

 "OUTDOOR HOCKEY RINK"  This is great for the kids for street hockey!   This rink will be used for hockey, roller blades, and basket ball during the day at different intervals. This is an excellent idea!  Thanks Marco!  Don't forget to bring your roller blades and hockey sticks!  

If you would like to rent one of our lovely units and maybe your friends or grandparents would rather not do the camping experience.........I would suggest accommodations at their beautiful historic "Marco Polo Inn".   It is located on the same premises and your friends or relatives can still enjoy the facilities of the campground.  Marco's number is (902) 963-2352 to book a room at the Inn.  It is a beautiful historic atmosphere overlooking the Green Gables Golf Course and only minutes to Cavendish Beach.

Faye has a great special for 2020 year end!.... If booking for a full week anytime after August 24th.....Faye will pay for your bridge pass and also give you an "off season rate" on a trailer rental for a full week rental.  What a way to end the summer and begin the New School Year!

Book your reservation now .... Call (902) 672-2080 ...... or (902) 629 - 0690.  


Faye's beautiful air-conditioning (slide out) units range in size from 32 feet - 38 feet in length with 1 - 3 slide outs. We can comfortably accommodate six persons: 2 adults and 4 children will be very comfy.  No more than six (6) allowed in each unit pleaseONLY ONE FAMILY PER UNIT ..2 adults & 4 children.....with the exception of grandparents, meaning 4 adults and 2 children.....Faye's rules.  Only one family to stay on each site, please.

GREAT FUN AT MARCO!  Great prices for these units!


A lot of families keep coming back each year to stay with us in this beautiful area.  Families with small children love this area with the playground close by, off the main drag.   If you want to be off the main drag......and have a large playground just behind your site.  It is also a little closer to the large bouncy pillow area, which is nice for the smaller children to walk.  Down on sites 67 & 69.  Great area for  tiny little ones!

Wayne & Faye will ensure you that your trailer will be all cleaned and ready for your arrival by late afternoon.  Faye will try her very best to have your trailer all cleaned and set up by approx. 3 p.m. on the day of your arrival.  It may be ready before this time but she can't promise at this time.  If she starts cleaning your unit first it will be ready earlier in the day.  Please call now and decide which unit you would prefer.   The earlier you call the more units you have to pick from.

Do try one of Faye's Trailers for THIS SUMMER'S VACATION....... It is an excellent way to try the camping experience.  To prefer the luxury of a very clean and a well maintained travel trailer.  The perfect choice is Faye's Family Trailer Rentals.   As you view the pictures of Faye's trailers, you will recognize Faye's efforts to provide you with a very clean and healthy camping experience.  A lot of folks camp with us for a couple of years and then decide to buy a brand new unit for themselves!   They come by tooting their horn!  We love to see so many families having so much fun! 

On the top of the front page, click on "trailer pictures" to view the "exterior" and "interior" pictures of each unit.

 Also at the top of the page, double click on "fees & information"  to get more information on each unit. 

Most amenities and home appliances are included in Faye's units: fridge, stove, microwave, STEREO, 2 TVs, and DVD are provided.  If you happen to catch a rainy day and the children would like to watch a movie, all of our units have 2 TVs, one with a DVD for sure and others with the "satellite"

Faye's trailers are ALL smoke free and she asks for your assistance in maintaining this environment.  Thank you kindly! 

Unfortunately, due to health issues, pets are not allowed in many of our units.  Many folks have allergies to animals.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have one unit that we can allow a "small" dog........please note a "small" dog.........# 8 Sunset on site 67.

A large propane gas barbecue is provided on each site.  Please request in advance. 

Your family will always remember this camping experience with Mom & Dad! What a way to vacation!  What a way to go camping!  Call and check us out .......  Contact Faye and she will make all the arrangements for you, no problem.  No need for you to call Marco.  Faye can book everything for you.  She will help provide your family with the "best" possible accommodations while vacationing on Prince Edward Island. 

Faye offers off season rates in August starting on August 16th for this summer for a few units and she also offers extra special rates in September   


Do try our lovely facilities......PHONE - local no. (902) 672-2080 & leave message or

email - fayeford@auracom.com  ......or

(902) 629-0690...cell no.

Come join us at Marco......Your family will really enjoy Marco and go home with many fond memories!

Click here for our home page.

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