Directions To Cavendish!


Directions to Marco Polo Land in Cavendish

Directions to Marco Polo Land from Confederations Bridge:  Please follow # 1 Highway from the bridge at Borden to Crapaud.  As you come into Crapaud, you will see the Red Rooster Restaurant and the Crapaud Curling Club on the right.  Approximately 20 minutes from the bridge. 

Just as you go into the turn by Crapaud, turn left unto Route # 13 and follow # 13 until you come to Hunter River intersection.  Go straight through the intersection and stay on  # 13 highway.  It is about a 20 - 25 minute drive to Marco Polo Land.  If you have any problems just call my cell number (902) 629-0690 and I will gladly help you.  This is the shortest way to Cavendish. 

Watch for Marco Polo Land on your right hand side -

Civic # 7406 on Route # 13.


Directions - Arriving by Wood Islands Ferry to Cavendish - Prince Edward Island

Coming off the ferry, stay on # 1 Highway towards Charlottetown (west).  As you enter Charlottetown, after you go over the Hillsboro River, bear to the RIGHT and follow the by-pass through  4 - 5 sets of lights.  Watch for the intersection by Sears, turn right onto # 2 highway.  Keep going on the # 2 highway (west) heading towards Kensington and Hunter River. 

As you enter the intersection at Hunter River (a steep hill) please TURN RIGHT (north) onto Highway # 13.  It is about 20-25 minute drive from Hunter River to Marco Polo.  Watch for civic # 7406 on your right.  (Please note, there are no left turns) coming from Wood Islands.


Directions from Charlottetown to Cavendish -

Coming from Charlottetown Mall  - follow Route 2, going west towards Hunter River.  When you come to Hunter River intersection turn right onto Route 13.  Follow route 13 to Cavendish.  Watch for Civic # 7406 (Marco Polo Land)  if you go past Marco Polo Land you will enter the intersection of Route 6 and 13.  Route 6 has all the attractions of Cavendish.  If you turn right on Route 6, it will take you into the community of Rustico. 

Located in the community of Rustico is the "Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Suppers", Co-op Grocery Store,  Bakery (with delicious baked goodies), Doiron's Fish Market with all kinds of fresh fish, (turn right as you enter Rustico, towards the wharf), also Deep Sea Fishing, Gas Station, and "By The Bay Restaurant" is noted for their delicious "fish & chips dinner" and many other restaurants.  Also just up over the hill is the Liquor store and Home Hardware store.  There is also a liquor store at the "Cavendish Tourist Mart" right in Cavendish on the main drag.